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On the Sadness of Existence

The abruptness and the uncaring cruelty by which our plans, hopes and lives are cut short are two of the few certain facts of life. Our surroundings are completely oblivious to our needs and those who care for us pay the highest price possible for their caring – namely the realisation of Love as an essentially negative emotion. For most humans the realisation of the fact that Love – as a desperate longing to care for, cherish and protect another human being – is one of the true impossibilites of life, usually coincide with the disillusionment of old age. Thus, the positive value most people can bring out of existence is the illusion of youth where Life is eternal, Love is positive and where the Good always triumphs.

It struck me one time as I was lying in bed that on this planet the Good is exactly what is UN-natural – not natural. Indeed, the Good and Just man earns no reward in this life and none in the grave as all things are equal there. Indeed it matters not if we are serial killers or saints – as we are all dust. And in this life – the Good individual is taken for granted and used up like a well in the desert. And the animal kingdom is constituted so that some animals MUST shatter the bones, rend the flesh and eat alive some other animal in order to stay alive. Indeed – I am not saying that animals are evil – but the pain caused during a single day in the animal kingdom is enough to make a hardened individual weep.

This has lead many people, including me, to ponder the alien nature of our human morals. Why is it that man has this deep-seated need for the good when all the rest of existence is cruelly uncaring as to the pain and Sadness of existence?

What a HELLISH place we find ourselves in – where our deepest longings absolutely can’t be fulfilled and where the most likely cause of  death is an aneurysm in the brain suffered whilst taking a dump. Our fleshly husk will be found on the bathroom floor of some toilet – as a final slap in the face for daring to have the depth of emotion and longing for purpose and morality that we are born with.


2 responses to “On the Sadness of Existence

  1. Restiton October 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    As you – so do I hurt

  2. Nio March 12, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Beautiful…and sad

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